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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Royal Wedding, 007, Civil War and Star Wars

From Top Trumps comes a very special Limited Edition collectible trading card game.

The hot news of the day is the royal wedding of Prince Harry and American actress Mehgan Markle and what better way to celebrate than by giving them their very own Top Trumps game: Royal Wedding 19-05-18?

Two to six players compete by using their math skills to trump their opponents with numeral rankings in five categories: VIP, Age, People, Person, Style Icon and Big Day Rating.

Filled with fun facts, gorgeous photos and a few surprises that make this Top Trump game a Royal coup!

Look for other new Top Trumps cards.  They’re fun, feature stunning photos and lots of fascinating facts and stats.

James Bond: 007 gets his very own secret agent pack.  Players enter the world of espionage where danger is around every corner.

Gun, cars, villains and beautiful women make this the card game that spies love.

Star Wars gets a double treatment as Top Trumps explores The Rise Of The Bounty Hunters and goes in search of The Last Jedi.

Captain America and Iron Man face off in Civil War; the brand new Top Trumps game that pits Marvel Comics heroes against one another.

Each game is easy to understand and play and makes for a fun time at home, in the car or when you’re out and about.  It’s the game you carry in your pocket.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Saturn V, 80s Redux, Modern Gothic and Model Building With Brass

It’s difficult to believe that the United States landed a man on the Moon almost 50 years ago.

Without the mighty Saturn V rocket such a trip would have never been impossible.

Speaking as someone who witnessed the birth and development of the United States space program I can testify that it was a long, arduous and dangerous road to complete the Saturn V rocket.

Lives and equipment were lost on the way to the historic flight that propelled the Apollo astronauts to the Moon.

Author Eugen Reichl and Schiffer Books present the complete chronicle of the development and launch of the historic rocket in Saturn V America’s Rocket To The Moon.

The book is brimming with archival photos, charts and graphs accompanied by gripping text that delves into the history behind the rocket and its development.

The Saturn V took man to the Moon but it did far more than that, including launching Skylab into orbit around the Earth.

Have you ever wondered whatever happened to the musicians and performers who transformed music in the 1980s?  Are they still producing music?  Exactly what are they doing and where are they?

All those questions are answered in photographer Mike Hipple’s 80s Redux.

Mike has compiled a photo gallery of 40+ musicians from over 40 years ago as they appear today.

Included with each photo study includes individual biographical text telling the history of each performer and what they have been doing since their heyday.

Musician fans are sure to want this fascinating book that proves once again that musicians never die, they simply fade away.

When I first started teaching nearly 15 years ago the big fashion craze of the time was Gothic.

Students strode around dressed in all black with white face makeup, darkened eyes and black lips.

Boys tended to wear long black trench coats and girls often wore lace enhanced black skirts, blouses and slacks complete with black platform shoes and equally kinky and decorative purses, bags, etc.

A lot has chnged in the world of Gothic.

Modern Gothic by Jamie Mahon provides a photographic art gallery of the here and now of Gothic fashion and lifestyle.

Gothic has come along way as it pertains to fashion, makeup and overall appearance.

Black is still basic but the dowdy look is passé as women dare to dress provocatively and seductively.

This ain’t your Granma’s Gothic!

If you’re familiar with my website then you’re probably aware that I also review model kits-plastic model kits.

But, what if models were made of brass and required a sophisticated skill set few people can master?

Model Building With Brass, by Ken Foran, demonstrates how model making has reached a whole new zenith with a beautiful selection photos of models skillfully constructed out of brass.

Airplanes, cars, ships-all are shown along with complete photographic instructions as to how to build them

Learn what tools are required, how to weld, form parts and there’s even a section on how to correct your mistakes when you mess up.

It is truly amazing conglomeration of photos and text that demonstrate the incredible amount of skill, patience and creativity it takes to build sophisticated models out of brass.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

It’s Been A Long Time Coming

I’ve always been amazed by the fact that some people at a relatively young age discover what their true calling in life is.
We’ve all seen it.  There are people who thrive and are totally immersed in their chosen profession or talent: businessmen, artists, musicians, technicians, scientists-whatever the calling, some people find their muse early.

Then there are people such as myself.  I’m 65 years old and I’ve finally discovered what my ‘gift’ is.

At an early age I demonstrated a talent for art.  I could draw just about everything but as I look back I realize there was no fire, no uncontrollable urge to draw.

I went to college, got my degree in graphic design and more out of necessity than passion I managed over the years to secure myself jobs doing commercial art.  I disliked every job I had.  I simply didn’t fit into the corporate world.

I met and befriended some nice people and there were some good times, but overall I felt that there was something else better in store for me.   I just had to find it.

Don’t get me wrong-I gave 110%-more out of obligation than ambition.  After all, I had a family to support. I could create art-any kind of art-but it was just a job-a necessary evil.

To tell the truth I was just plain lazy-I couldn’t fathom spending hours behind a drawing desk and for what?  So that people could take a casual glance at my work, make some snide or approving remark and move on?  

I never displayed my work-art galleries were out the question and I never did artwork outside the workplace except for an occasional family project.

I even taught art and I was good at it.  My students loved me and I have to admit I did have fun-more out of the social interaction than the subject taught.

I tried writing, but again logging in hours to write a book bored me.  I am too fidgety-I want to move-explore new areas, think new things and ponder-boy do I like to ponder.

Over the past 25+ years I’ve written reviews of pop culture items.  The reviews are short-to the point and well thought out.

As I’ve grown older I’ve discovered that writing reviews brings me a certain level of joy.  I like getting things in the mail and either examining an object or reading a book or magazine and then writing a review about it.

I have a knack for it.

There you have it-I love to write reviews.  Books, comic books, magazines, toys, model kits, trading cards, DVDs, electronics-whatever I receive I can write a review about.

And not just any old reviews.  I like to put some personality into each review, including personal experiences and observations along the way, if applicable.

Yep, it’s taken me 65 years but I’ve finally found my true talent and vehicle to fulfillment and that’s writing reviews.  

Surprising where life takes you sometimes.  I guess it isn’t how long the trip takes.  It’s when you get there that counts.

The Cave

Imagine yourself as an explorer.  Your name is Seymour E. Blox and while climbing a mountain you discover a mysterious secret cave.

Entering its foreboding mouth you venture further into its interior.  There you learn the cave’s secret: long held mysteries of Earth past, its extinct animals and so much more are revealed.

The Cave brings E-Blox’s novelette “Earth One” to full 3D reality in this exciting electrified chapter of the book.

Patented E-Blox circuits that require no wires and that are kid safe let kids create an ancient mammal, Shimeji mushrooms, a mountain crack, glowing Pilea flowers, Grandmother’s house, a T-Rex and a volcano.

Kids learn about cave exploration, electronic circuits, mountain climbing, Paleontology, micro chips, extinction, fungi, homemade candy, Botany, Biology, dreams and how water skins hold water.

It’s so simple.  Simple click in place and the light source E-Blox create a circuit using LEDs and a 9V battery.

Light up a child’s imagination, critical thinking skills, dexterity and curiosity. 

Scan the QR Code for adventure details and get ready for excitement and learning!